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Need Help Relaxing? We’re Here For You

Need Help Relaxing? We’re Here For You

Because you're important and you deserve a break.

Knowing how to switch off after a hectic day of office work, Zoom calls, housework, children juggling, personal admin and general ‘life’ is not something that comes easy for all. Sure, there are those lucky few who find unwinding as easy as riding a bike (who even are those people?!), but for most of us, chilling the heck out is tricky business.

In this crazy digital world we live in, it’s easy to spend your evenings watching countless episodes of the latest must-see show on Netflix while constantly diverting your attention to your smartphone. In fact, studies show that the average American checks their phone 58 times per day. Once more, 50 percent of these check-ins start within just three minutes of the previous one. So, why is this so terrible? Well, it’s not the end of the world, but if you have trouble with stress it’s not the best use of your me-time. After all, can you honestly switch off when you’re constantly idling through TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Probably not.

We wouldn’t dream of telling you to throw away your digital devices for good just so you can relax a bit more. Because, quite honestly, social media isn’t to blame for everything. However, try putting your phone aside for an hour every evening to concentrate on the now. Trust us, it’s weirdly lethargic!

Once you’ve got this important habit nailed, try these other proven tricks for helping you to be more relaxed.


Of course, stretching is important for your physical health, but did you know it’s also an awesome way to improve your mental well being? Stretching relaxes your muscles, reduces tension and increases serotonin which is the hormone responsible for boosting your mood and regulating your sleep. Basically, it feels damn good – both physically and emotionally – and is the ideal way to shake off negative thoughts and help you relax.

Yoga and pilates are great workouts for stretching your full body but if that’s not your jam, there are plenty of simple stretches you can do at home to relieve tension. A simple one you can do every morning is to lie on your back with your arms above your head. Then stretch your toes and fingers in the opposite direction, hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat a few times. Other easy stretches you can do every morning include the classic child’s pose and downward dog.

Connect To The Outside World

Nature is a powerful thing so, if you can, step outside and take a few minutes to breathe in some fresh air and cherish the great outdoors. Even better, go for a short walk (minus your smartphone!) and take in your surroundings – it’s an extremely therapeutic way to clear your head. Short bursts of vitamin D (because, contrary to what we usually tell you, the sun isn’t ALL bad!) may also help boost your immune system, improve your energy levels and lift your spirits. Just remember to protect exposed skin with a broad-spectrum SPF like our SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen with Vitamin C before heading outdoors.

But what about if you can’t get outside? No problem, you can still benefit from nature by looking at photos of green spaces like fields, forests and woodlands on your computer. Studies show this can have just as much of a calming effect as the real thing. Who knew?

Listen To Your Favorite Tunes

Music also plays an important role in your mental health, helping you reduce stress and inducing a more relaxed state of mind. The key, however, is to choose the right tunes, of course! And that all depends on your taste. Have a think about the type of music that makes you feel calm and positive. This could be anything from Mozart or Native American music to flutes or instrumental beachy vibes – whatever takes you to your happy place. Not sure where to start? Then look out for meditation playlists on your favorite streaming service that have pieces of music which play at around 60 beats per minute. Experts consider this the ideal tempo for relaxing your mind.

Plan Some Pampering ‘You’ Time

Very little beats the feeling of spending some quality time looking after yourself. This helps shift your focus from stressful thoughts and brings your attention to you and you alone. So, let’s all make a plan to give ourselves a spa-like facial one evening this weekend, shall we? Not only will it help you relax and sleep better, but it’ll do wonders for your skin at the same time. What could be better than that?

Here’s how to crush a skin and mind-loving facial at home.

1. Create A Calming Environment
Put your phone away, lock the bathroom door and ensure whoever you live with knows to leave you alone for an hour. Light a scented candle (or two!), turn on some relaxing music and wash your hands.

2. Cleanse Your Skin
Spend five minutes cleansing your skin with Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser. Use your entire hands to work it over your face and neck and use the pads of your fingers to massage it in circular motions all over. This will help boost circulation and remove build-up.

3. Steam Clean
After cleansing, fill your sink with hot (but not boiling) water, then cover your head with a towel and hover your face about 12 inches above the water for 10 minutes. The steam will soften your skin, open your pores and further draw out trapped oil and debris. You could even add a few drops of calming lavender oil if that floats your boat.

4. Apply A Face Mask
After patting your skin dry, apply your favorite face mask and relax for another 10 minutes while reading a book. Heaven!

5. Treat & Moisturize
Rinse off your mask, gently towel-dry your skin then apply Vitamin C Facial Serum to flood your skin with antioxidants, MSM and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Finish with Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream and you are done.

Finally, Breathe…

Last, but not least, breathe. Deep breathing slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure and experts agree it’s one of the most effective techniques for reducing anxiety and helping you learn to relax.

There are many different breathing exercises you can practice for a calmer state of mind, but the simplest is 7-11 breathing which requires you to breathe in deeply from your diaphragm for a count of seven, then out for a count of 11, for a total of around ten minutes. Why breathe out for longer? Well, this has shown to be more effective at stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system and relaxing your body and mind.

Whatever technique you choose (and there are plenty to read up about on the internet), the most important thing to remember is to focus on your breath while inhaling and exhaling slowly and deliberately.


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Georgia Gould

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