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How Your Skincare Routine Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

How Your Skincare Routine Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

Your skin, and how you look after it, can deeply impact your emotional well-being. Here’s how to boost your confidence and lift your spirits by learning to love and care for the skin you’re in.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we firmly believe your skin can play a major role in your state of mind.

Think about how you feel when you look at your face in the mirror. Those ‘off’ days when your complexion looks kinda lousy rarely fill you with confidence. But other days when your skin seems to naturally glow from within? Priceless for your self-esteem. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More serious skin concerns like rosacea, eczema or hormonal acne can often stop people from leaving the house and living a normal, day-to-day life. In a 2014 study carried out by the National Rosacea Society, for example, a massive 90 percent of rosacea patients reported low self-confidence and over half said they avoided regular face-to-face contact.

The fact is simple: your skin plays a vital role in the way you feel about yourself. When it looks and feels awesome, you feel better about yourself. It’s just the way the human psyche works. But the thing is, we’re all different and your skin and its condition should never define you. Yes, your crow’s feet might drive you crazy and sure, that zit on your chin is as annoying as hell. But remember, 1) you're not alone – imperfect skin is perfectly normal and 2) nobody notices your 'flaws' as much as you do. 

If you’re feeling stressed about your complexion, however, here are a few ways to help you fall in love with your skin again – and up your self-confidence levels at the same time.

1. Enjoy A Consistent Routine

While trying new products and upping your skincare game is fabulous within reason, having a consistent skincare routine allows for true noticeable results to start happening. This makes it one of the best ways to maintain healthy skin. You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth every other morning, would you? Then respect your skin in exactly the same way.

Set aside five or 10 minutes or so each morning and evening to gently cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize your skin using the best ingredients and formulations for your skin. And remember, apply them according to their instructions and always in the correct order. Look after your skin – especially before bed when it’s getting ready to regenerate and revive itself – and your skin will look after you.

Having a regular morning and evening skincare routine doesn't just benefit your skin, however. It also helps give you structure, grounding and has been proven to improve mental stability. Studies show that people who have more consistent routines throughout the day are less likely to suffer with mood problems and depression. To boost your state of mind even further, use products that make you feel good and you enjoy using like our Vitamin C Super Serum+ which contains essential oils like pink grapefruit, lavender and ylang ylang to help lift your mood and alleviate anxiety.

TruSkin Vitamin C Super Serum+

2. Get Your Glow On With A Weekly Pampering Session

Taking care of your skin is awesome for your mental health because it allows you to focus on yourself and stop worrying about all the other stuff that might be stressing you out. Set aside one hour a week to pamper your skin and you will immediately improve your well-being (not to mention your complexion) without even thinking about it. Lock the bathroom door, light a candle, run a bath, play some calming music and drink wine (hells yeah). Whatever you need to switch off and concentrate on you.

During this time, you might also want to think about indulging your senses with a little facial massage. Massaging your skin is one of the best ways to boost circulation and help lymphatic drainage for firmer, smoother, more radiant skin. This relaxation process also sends messages to your brain that it’s time to be calm which lowers the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) and simultaneously reduces your anxiety levels. Try a two or three minute facial massage as you cleanse your skin with warm water and our skin brightening Vitamin C Daily Cleanser. Close your eyes to focus your mind, then work the pads of your fingers all over your face and neck using gentle but firm circular motions.

Sidenote: when your skin looks glowing and radiant, nobody will even notice your wrinkles or age spots. Oh, the power of a little me-time.

3. Break Your Bad Beauty Habits

Do you touch your face all the time, therefore spreading germs, chemicals and bacteria all over your skin? Perhaps you just can’t resist picking at your pimples, always making them so much worse… Bad habits are often a sign of stress, anxiety or just plain boredom, and while some are harmless, the aforementioned spell disaster for your skin.

Take control of your bad beauty habits by understanding when and why you do them. Figuring out your triggers allows you to understand the reason for your actions and enables you to find alternatives that don’t totally screw up your skin. For example, if you find yourself picking your face in the evening when you’re bored watching TV, find something else to do with your hands like knitting. Can’t resist scrutinizing your skin before bed looking for something, anything to squeeze? Then throw out your magnifying mirror. Nobody ever sees your skin at such a close range, so gouging out that tiny blackhead and risking more damage than reward? So not worth it.

If you're looking for support with mental health issues or would like to help raise awareness of Mental Health Awareness Month, please head to Mental Health America for more information.







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