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10 Super Easy Beauty Hacks Your Skin Will Love You For

10 Super Easy Beauty Hacks Your Skin Will Love You For

When your skin has seen better days, the simplest changes to your routine can reap awesome rewards. Here are 10 easy skincare hacks that promise to up your complexion game in super-fast time.

Looking for ways to tweak your skincare that a) don’t cost a small fortune, b) don’t add hours onto your routine and c) make a real, visible difference to your complexion? How about we raise all that and give you ten? 

1. Always Patch Test Your Skincare

Patch testing any new skincare product is one of the most important ways for you to avoid irritation, redness and inflammation. Sure, it means you’ll have to be patient and wait a day or two before using your product all over your face, but it’s so worth it in the long run.

Not sure how to perform a patch test? We can help with that, right here.

2. Moisturize From Head-To-Toe

We think by now you understand the importance of moisturizing the skin on your face twice daily (yes, even if you do have extremely oily skin). But can you say, hand on heart, that you treat the skin on your body with just as much care and attention? We bet that's a big fat 'no,' but the thing is, your skin is your largest organ and needs looking after from head-to-toe.

Your body actually contains fewer sebaceous (oil-producing) glands than your face, scalp, neck and chest, and certain areas like your shins, for example, are severely lacking in their own natural moisturizing system. Therefore, always moisturize your body with Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer, as soon as you step out of the shower to help lock in water.

Formulas that contain a blend of humectants, emollients and occlusives are fantastic and don’t be scared of rich butters and balms, either. These are great for the skin on your body because fewer sebaceous glands mean less pore blockages and a lower risk of breakouts.

3. Workout Your Face

Skin feeling a bit meh? Facial exercises are an easy, quick and totally free way to boost circulation and stimulate collagen for a more youthful glow. One of our favorites is to push out your lips as if you’re about to kiss someone, hold this for a few seconds, then smile as widely as you can, again holding this position for a few seconds. Repeat these movement five times a day.

PS: Flipping your head upside down for a few minutes each day will also boost circulation to your skin, helping add radiance to a dull complexion.

4. Exfoliate With A Facecloth

Looking for an easy way to boost cell turnover and gently rid the surface of your face from all those dead, pore-clogging skin cells? Worried that scrubs and chemical exfoliators like AHAs are a tad potent for your skin? Then try using a damp facecloth when you cleanse. Apply your cleanser (we love Vitamin C Daily Facial Cleanser) as normal to damp skin, massage it all over with your hands, then use your washcloth to gently rub your cleanser all over. Rinse, pat dry and you’re done.

5. Go Easy On The Makeup

Many dermatologists agree that clients who wear little or no makeup have much clearer, brighter skin than those who regularly pile it on. We know going makeup-free may be easier said than done, but try toning it down for days when you’re not at work or socializing (isn’t it nice to say that again?). Swap out heavy foundation for tinted moisturizer and avoid powders which can instantly age you up.

6. Show Kindness To Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is ridiculously thin and fragile, so if you fail to treat it with the respect it deserves, it will punish you with sagging, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles quicker than you can say “pass the eye cream.”

No matter how young you are, looking after the skin around your eyes is priceless. And it’s really no biggie. Simply invest in a moisturizing eye cream like our Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream and use your ring fingers to pat or gently smooth a small amount around your eyes, morning and night. Using your ring fingers stops you from applying too much pressure or unnecessarily dragging the skin.

7. Be Patient With Your Skincare

Swapping and changing products week in week out because you think they're not working is a sure-fire way to irritation, dryness and sub-par skin. So, don’t be mad when your new facial serum doesn’t immediately give you the skin of an angel. Just give it some time. Adult skin has a lifecycle of around 28 days which means any product that works on a deep, cellular level (eg. serums) also need the same amount of time to do its best work.

8. Embrace Retinol

If you’re concerned about aging skin and are looking to up your anti-aging skincare routine with just one new ingredient, it has to be retinol. Proven to be one of the most effective ingredients for stimulating cellular turnover and increasing the production of collagen, retinol is the undeniable king of age-defiers. It not only helps treat and prevent skin aging, but many experts believe it can also reverse the signs of visible aging. Strong claims, right there. Try our lightweight Retinol Facial Serum which is a big fan favorite.

9. Keep Your Pillowcase Super Clean

A dirty pillowcase is a breeding ground for dirt, debris, oil and bacteria which can equal serious breakouts on your skin if you leave them to their own devices. Yes, you might be super strict when it comes to cleansing your face before bed, but what about your hair? Exactly.

Clean your pillowcase at least once a week (preferably twice) and live by the same rules for anything else that touches your skin on a regular basis, eg: face masks, makeup brushes and your smartphone.

10. Sleep On Your Back

While we’re on the topic of bedtime, make sure you don’t sleep on your belly. Smushing your face into your pillow folds up your skin, etching in fine lines and wrinkles just where you don’t want them. Continue to do this for years and years and those creases could become a permanent fixture. Eek.

According to, the best way to avoid ‘sleep lines’ is to sleep on your back. If you couldn’t think of anything worse, invest in a silk pillowcase as these are much smoother and create less friction against your skin. Oh, and don’t forget to help your skin revive itself overnight with a nice slathering of Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream.







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