Round Up Your Besties: It's Time For A Pampering Girls’ Night In

Round Up Your Besties: It's Time For A Pampering Girls’ Night In

National Girls’ Night is upon us, so invite your girlfriends over and indulge in a little you-time with our guide to the ultimate pampering girl’s night in.

Oh, how we love a national day of random celebration here at TruSkin. National Kitten Day? Count us in. National Chocolate Cake Day? Hells yeah.

Well, this month it’s time to gather up your besties because it’s National Girls’ Night on September 22. And yes, we know you don’t need a special occasion to embrace being female with your favorite girlfriends, but any excuse, right?

This year, we’re all about the self-love, so we want to celebrate with you and the girls with an awesome pampering night in. We’re talking facial steaming, exfoliation, some deep moisturizing and, of course, the odd glass of vino/hard seltzer/g&t or whatever else floats your boat.

Let’s do this!

First, Make Sure You're Properly Prepared

Before your girls arrive, set the mood by creating a cracking Spotify playlist. Choose some uplifting beats, embrace your favorite female artists and mix in some awesome tunes that have meaning to you and your friends. Great music? Priceless. Also, light some scented candles (come on, who doesn’t love a scented candle?), get some clean, fluffy towels ready and make sure your fridge is stacked with drinks and snacks.

In terms of a dress code, you’ve gotta go PJs all the way. And what do you think about prepping your friends for a totally off-grid evening by asking them to leave their smartphones at home. Too much? OK, then at least silence them (the phones, not your mates!), so you can enjoy each other’s company without getting sidetracked by random 'dogs with babies' videos on Insta. 

How To Boss A Spa-Like Facial

Pampering nights in might conjure up memories of creating face masks out of oatmeal and bananas, but heads up: you’re no longer 12 years old. So, ditch the kitchen cupboard ingredients, and let’s get serious.

Herein, a full-proof facial with proven ingredients your skin will love.

1. Cleanse

First, take some time to deeply cleanse your skin with our Charcoal Face Wash. It’s packed with activated coconut charcoal to detoxify your skin, plus hydrating aloe, nourishing essential oils and protective antioxidants. All these combine to offer your skin a gentle but effective cleanse that’s perfect for washing away all the dirt, oil and debris from the day.

Apply it all over damp skin, then use your hands and fingers to really massage it into your face and neck for a good couple of minutes. Take extra time over oily areas like your t-zone and be careful with the delicate skin around your eyes. You could even leave it on your skin for an extra couple of minutes to really draw toxins out from your skin. Time is totally on our side and heck, who needs face packs, anyway?

Rinse thoroughly, pat dry with a clean, fluffy towel and you’re done.

2. Steam

Facial steaming helps dilate your blood vessels to increase circulation and deliver oxygen and nourishment to the surface of your skin. Hello there, super glowiness. It also loosens excess oils and dirt that can become trapped in your pores, so steaming is ideal if you suffer with clogged skin or pesky blackheads.

Fill some bowls (one for each of you) with hot, but not boiling water, then cover your head with a towel and hover your face around 12 inches above the water for 10 minutes. After this time, sweep a reusable makeup pad over your face to remove all those loosened impurities, then spritz your skin with Rose Water Refreshing Facial Toner to hydrate and refine.

NOTE: If you or any of your girlfriends have very dry, sensitive skin or are prone to redness or rosacea, this step is best avoided.

3. Exfoliate & Treat

Exfoliation is ideal for boosting cell turnover and sloughing away dead skin cells that have been lurking on the surface of your skin for too long. If scrubbing is your jam, do this after steaming, and before toning, or apply a gently exfoliating treatment serum after toning.

Chemical exfoliators usually come in the form of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) like glycolic and lactic acid, or BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) like salicylic acid. The difference is that BHAs are oil-soluble, so they’re way better for controlling sebum production as well as exfoliating oily skin types. AHAs, on the other hand, are water-soluble, so they’re best suited to normal, dry or combination skin.

After toning, apply a small amount of your favorite treatment serum all over. Our Tea Tree Serum is a great choice for oily or acne-prone skin, or try Vitamin C Super Serum+ to flood your skin with antioxidants and gentle exfoliation. 

You could also use this time to lie back for a few minutes with a couple of cold cucumber slices over your eyes. Cucumbers are great for reducing puffiness and hydrating the skin. And no, this is not an old wives' tale: it really works! You could then finish with a little extra Peptide Eye Gel for extra anti-aging prowess. Apply a pea-sized amount around your eyes, using your ring fingers to keep the pressure light and to avoid dragging this notoriously delicate skin.

4. Moisturize

Last, but not least, moisturize. For awesome overnight moisturization, we recommend Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream to lock all that goodness in and start strengthening, healing and renewing your skin ready for a new day. This luxurious night cream is crammed with skin-loving ingredients like vitamins C and B5, plus cocoa butter, glycerin, botanical oils and aloe which work in harmony to blanket your skin with TLC. It’s the perfect cherry on top of your pampering facial cake.

Finally, Sit Back & Relax…

OK, pampering time's over, so now your skin’s clean and glowing, why not round off the evening with a classic ‘90s movie like Clueless, Pretty Woman or My Best Friend’s Wedding? Because you can never have too much Julia Roberts in your life. You could also bust out some board games or simply sit around and chat for a few hours. Just enjoy your friends and appreciate each other.

Oh, and before you turn in for the night? Don’t forget to plan your next get-together. National Girl’s Night should really be a monthly thing, no?








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