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Your Skin Is Awesome: Let's Celebrate It!

Your Skin Is Awesome: Let's Celebrate It!

Being happy with your skin is easier said than done, but it’s the only skin you’ve got, so it’s about time you learned to love it – starting right now.

‘Love the skin you’re in.’ How many times have you heard that phrase only to fob it off with a sigh about your personal imperfections and so-called flaws? But here’s the thing: lines, wrinkles, pimples, dark spots and the odd bit of slack skin here and there are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. They’re all signs that you’re alive. And that’s something to celebrate.

So today, we want to make a toast to your amazing skin. Because this massive organ is a pretty big deal, working hard to maintain your internal temperature and protect your body from disease. Not only that but your skin covers an average of 20 square feet and makes up around one seventh of your entire body weight. It’s no wonder, then, that skin is rarely picture perfect. And that’s OK, because not even those A-listers you see on the red carpet have flawless skin. And certainly not the influencers who’ve been filtered to within an inch of their lives.

Reckon you can start loving the skin you’re in? Just a tad? Excellent. Then here are a few tips for practicing a little skin self-love.

Be Gentle With Your Skincare

One of the most important ways to treat your skin with love and respect is to be kind to it. Like, really kind. Sure, it’s tempting to slather all the latest lotions, potions, acids and ‘miracle’ ingredients on your skin day and night, but you’re dealing with a delicate part of your body here, so be gentle.

Avoid skincare ingredients that have been proven to cause irritation and inflammation because, even if you think your skin is strong enough to take whatever you throw at it, continued use of certain chemicals will break down your skin’s protective barrier and give you no end of problems in the long-term. Things like parabens, sulfates, PEGs and silicones are all known irritants, so these are best avoided. And we can take of that for you, no problem, because all TruSkin products are free of these common nasties. Just saying.

Also, avoid cocktailing too many serums and treatments that contain potent, active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and exfoliating acids like glycolic and salicylic. Don’t get us wrong, these ingredients are all skincare powerhouses and work hard to improve and maintain your already-awesome skin. But use too many at once, and you’ll irritate your skin causing sensitivities, dryness, redness and maybe even breakouts.

Instead, stick to one of our carefully curated serum formulations in the morning and one at night. And if your skin is super-sensitive? Apply each just once or twice a week – don’t worry, your skin will still see the benefits.

Maximize Your Glow

Nobody (least of all you) is going to care about your lines and wrinkles when your skin is literally lit from within. In our opinion, radiant skin is the absolute key for showing the world you’re happy, healthy and alive. And good news: getting your glow on is simple. You just need to introduce a little vitamin C into your life.

Vitamin C is one of our favorite skincare ingredients and arguably the most effective topical antioxidant out there. Not only does it fight hard to combat free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors, but it also helps even out your skin tone, reduce dark spots and give you a bright, sunny glow – minus any damage from the ‘actual’ sun, of course.

We use sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP) in our fan favorite Vitamin C Facial Serum which is a gentle, but very effective salt derivative of vitamin C. We believe it’s far superior to pure vitamin C, and much better tolerated by the skin. It’s also why our serum has a slightly cloudy look to it – that’s the salt doing it’s awesome work! Patch test first, then apply it to cleansed, dry skin twice daily for a glowy complexion you can’t fail to fall in love with.

Love Your Skin’s True Color

Why is it that we all want what we haven’t got? Constantly envious of your friend’s beautiful curls? Chances are she’d kill for your straight hair. Wish your legs were longer/thinner/more toned? Well, how about concentrating on your amazing arms, instead.

We know all this is easier said than done, but when it comes to the color of your skin, it’s actually quite simple – and much better for the health of your skin.

Two words: forget tanning. The sun is the number one cause of external skin aging, accelerating the formation of lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and even leading to skin cancer. So, instead of constantly craving darker, more bronzed skin, accept your paleness and be proud.

And while we’re on the subject, forget skin bleaching, too. Beautiful skin comes in every shade. End of.

Don’t Hide Behind Makeup

Piling on heavy make-up to mask an annoying zit or dark patch may seem like a good idea at the time, but thick, oil-based foundations can block your pores and cause even more breakouts in the long-term.

Instead of masking your skin, enhance it with natural-looking makeup. Barely-there skin has never been more on trend (hi there, skinimalism) so work to enrich the natural tones of your complexion and let your freckles/blemishes/expression lines shine through. Swap out heavy foundations for tinted moisturizer and highlight your best features – whether they’re fabulous cheekbones, arched brows or full lips ­– with a tiny amount of highlighter applied in just the right places.

Get Tons Of Sleep

A lack of zzzs not only makes you feel cruddy, but it gives your skin an unnecessarily dull appearance. So remember, while your skin is awesome, you still need to look after it.

According to the Sleep Foundation, healthy adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep every night to power the mind, drive the body and help maintain healthy skin. Sleep allows your skin to heal and reboot itself, ready for the next day. Blood flow increases, cell turnover almost doubles, your natural antioxidant system kicks in and collagen production amps up big time.

Make sure you get your eight hours in and treat your skin to an effective night treatment like our Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream which helps revive and strengthen your skin while you sleep. You will immediately wake up with happier skin.

And a much happier you.




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