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Tired Eyes? We Can Help With That

Tired Eyes? We Can Help With That

PSA: when you’re feeling jaded, the skin around your eyes is the first to give the game away.

With the holidays just around the corner, tiredness, in some shape or form, is a sure thing. From the anxieties involved with cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner to a little too much festive partying and the panic of gift giving, it’s no wonder the holiday season has officially been crowned the most stressful time of the year.

Now a little bit of low-key stress is OK in small doses. But when it takes over your well-being and stops you from getting that much-needed rest and restorative me-time, your skin is going to suffer. And no place more so than the skin around your eyes.

What’s So Special About The Skin Around Your Eyes?

The skin around your eyes is slightly different to the rest of your face. For starters, it’s around ten times thinner which makes it super susceptible to the visible signs of tiredness and premature aging. Thanks to its natural thinness, underlying tissue and blood vessels are also more prominent, causing shadows and dark circles. And this is even more obvious when you miss out on your valuable shut-eye. How so? Because a lack of sleep not only encourages blood and fluid retention, but it also makes your skin appear paler due to a limited time to regenerate itself overnight.

The skin around your eyes also has a very short supply of fat and muscle. This means that collagen and elastin are even more important than ever for keeping the skin in this area strong and supported. And as you know, aging, environmental nasties, and a lack of sleep can be total killjoys when it comes to quality collagen and elastin. 

But that’s not all. Ever noticed how the skin on the outer corners of your eyes often feels drier and more irritated than the rest of your skin? The reason for this is a serious lack of sebaceous (oil-producing) glands to keep it healthy, moisturized and soft. Dang!

When you add all this together and throw in constant muscle movement (DYK you blink around 15,000 times every day?), it’s no wonder the skin around your eyes feels fatigued so darn easily. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

How To Refresh Tired Looking Eyes

1. Get An Early Night

Sleep is the obvious way to win the battle against tired, beat up skin around your eyes, but it’s also the most important one. When you’re asleep cell turnover accelerates, collagen production revs up, antioxidants kick in to help repair damage and blood flow increases to nourish your skin with valuable nutrients. Important business, right there.

Sure, it can be difficult to get your regular zzzs but a lack of sleep causes water retention, makes the blood vessels dilate and decreases moisture levels in your skin. You might as well just invite dark circles, puffy eyes and dry skin over and have done with it.

Not on board with that? Then try to go to bed at a decent hour each night in order to get your seven hours in. Also, make sure your pillow is high enough to prop up your head a little. Lying flat messes with your circulation and can lead to water retention and bags under your eyes.

2. Use A Potent Eye Treatment

Quality eye treatments are vital if you want to keep the skin around your eyes moisturized, nourished, bright and healthy. Regular moisturizers are all well and good but they can be too rich for this delicate area, plus they’re lacking in the targeted ingredients your eyes need.

Things like hydrating hyaluronic acid, age-defying bakuchiol, firming caffeine and collagen-boosting peptides are all hella good for the skin around your eyes, so keep your, er, eyes peeled for those. We have three awesome eye treatments to choose from, including the brand new Depuffing Longevity Eye Cream which is packed with incredible ingredients to help your eyes look radiant and youthful.

Just remember, never overload the skin with too much eye cream (a pea-size amount is usually enough) and be gentle as you apply it. We like to use our ring fingers to lightly press the product around the eye area. This naturally reduces the amount of drag and pressure you place on the skin.

3. Balance Booze With Water

Alcohol is not going to do your eyes any favors at all, causing tiny blood vessels to dilate and thus contributing to swelling, puffiness and dehydration. So, if you like a tipple or two make sure you balance every alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Your eyes will not regret it. And neither will your hangover.

4. Chillax Your Skin

Applying a cold compress to your eyes is an age-old trick. But it’s a goodie. You see, cold temperatures constrict your blood vessels and help to tighten up puffy skin. And it really is as simple as that.

Keep a couple of teaspoons in the refrigerator and place these over your eyes for ten minutes in the morning for an instant pick-me-up. Or alternatively try cold, used teabags, slices of cucumber or pieces of potato. Cucumbers, in particular, are very hydrating and have incredible anti-inflammatory properties, while potatoes contain skin-brightening enzymes. 

It's also not a bad idea to keep your eye cream in the fridge if that floats your boat. Then you’ll get a little hit of refreshing coolness every time you apply it. Your eyes will be all over that.

5. Fake It With Makeup

Sleep and great skincare practices are more important than anything, but oftentimes an emergency fix is the only way to go. Especially when you’re in a pinch. Well, thankfully, there are some awesome makeup tricks for dealing with tiredness around your eyes.

Under eye concealer is, more often than we like to admit, our go-to makeup product during the holiday season. Because it really works. Just remember to choose yellow rather than pink-toned formulations as these help to neutralize dark circles.

Another fabulous beauty cheat is to use blue-black or navy mascara – the cool undertones help make the whites of your eyes look brighter and clearer. And when all else fails? Focus the attention away from your eyes and sport a bold, red lipstick instead. Cunning huh?

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