Awesome Ways To Help You De-Stress

Awesome Ways To Help You De-Stress

It's time to take back control when life feels uncertain…

Dealing with the world can feel pretty darn hard sometimes, don’t you think? And if regular life isn’t enough to contend with, the last few years of ‘you-know-what’ has helped not one bit. Hands up if you’re still working in a makeshift office in your already cramped apartment? Or if you continue to shiver at the thought of all those months of figuring out home schooling? It’s true, the world really threw us a curve ball in 2020. And we don’t mind admitting, it’s been a lot to deal with ever since. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), mental health statistics have continued to worsen since 2020 with things like health issues, money problems and global uncertainty being major sources of people’s daily worries. And when life feels too much, your mental wellbeing is often the first thing to take the strain.

Stress can manifest itself in many ways. From skin breakouts and digestive issues to chronic headaches and restless nights of (no) sleep, it’s clear your mental health plays a major part in your physical health. But minimizing the stresses of daily life isn’t something that can be solved with the click of your fingers. It takes time, thought, and, if it becomes serious and/or long-term, often requires professional help.

There are also some important ways to help deal with minor stress that you can do at home. Of course, if you feel like things have gotten out of control and you’re finding it hard to cope, you should always seek help from a qualified mental health expert. But if your stress is manageable and you think a few tweaks to your lifestyle could really help, we’ve got your back with these simple, yet effective de-stressing tips...

4 Of Our Favorite Ways To De-Stress

1. Write Stuff Down

One of the most common, and simplest ways to help you clear your mind of negative thoughts and give yourself some kind of clarity, is to write things down in a journal. Channeling your thoughts onto paper not only helps you release stress, but the process allows you a few moments to yourself to breathe, relax and focus on something other than life.

Dedicate 10 minutes or so every day to write down what’s bothering you. And don’t worry about grammar or spellings, you’re not trying to impress anyone, it’s just a way to vent your feelings and release tension. One of the best times to do this is before bed because it helps you get things off your chest, allowing your mind to switch off and thus help you get a better night’s sleep.

Another great trick, further down the line, is to look back on your journal and read about the things that get under your collar. This helps you understand your stress triggers which, in turn, can go a long way to avoiding or at least controlling them.

2. Prioritize Some Me-Time

Juggling work, family, friends and home life makes it way too easy to put yourself last. Bad idea. Your health is extremely important and if you’re not functioning well, everything else will suffer in the long run. It’s a bit of a vicious circle when you think about it.

Research shows that people who take care of themselves have much lower levels of stress and burnout. This is why me-time is so important. Time to spend with yourself, with nobody bothering you for anything. And a great way to achieve this without fleeing the country for a week? With an at-home pampering session in the comfort of your very own bathroom.

Choose an evening each week to lock yourself away with a relaxing playlist and a couple of scented candles. Run a bath, take a soak and read a book. Maybe do some deep breathing while your skin enjoys the powers of a deep cleansing face mask. Whatever makes you feel special and calm works for us.

When you’re done, treat your skin with your favorite serum – we’re all over our new Peptide Facial Serum right now – apply Peptide Eye Gel, then finish with Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream to set up your skin perfectly for a great night’s sleep. Stress can really takes its toll on your skin so it’s vital to look after it!

3. Try A New Hobby

There’s countless proof that hobbies are an awesome way to reduce symptoms of depression and stress. From learning a new musical instrument to knitting or stand-up paddle boarding, focusing your attention away from the difficulties in life, puts yourself in a whole other headspace without really thinking about it. What’s more, learning a new skill or partaking in a new activity can be extremely fulfilling and joyful. It might even lead to something bigger like a new profession or entire new group of friends. And we say a huge ‘yes’ to that.

4. Look After Number One

Hobbies and me-time are all well and good, but looking after yourself 24/7 should be your first priority. Your diet, for a start, should be balanced, well-rounded and packed with energizing, nutritious foods like antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies, nuts, seeds, lean protein and oily fish. Studies also show that processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol are the devils when it comes to stress as they promote the release of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. It’s therefore prudent to limit these as much as possible. Don't completely starve yourself of the odd treat every now and again. Just don't make them a daily habit.

Looking after yourself, however, isn’t just about eating well. Exercise is also super important. The big caveat, of course, is that you have to find something you actually enjoy doing, rather than forcing yourself into something you hate. Yoga and pilates are awesome for de-stressing your mind while improving your strength and releasing happy hormones into your body. But you might not enjoy those kind of physical activities which means you a) won’t stick to them and b) won’t get the best from them. And that’s totally fine. Think about what you do like and work your activities around that. Basically, anything that gets your blood flowing will reduce your stress levels and improve your mood both in the short- and long-term. Exercise will also improve your sleep and boost your energy. Major kudos for that.




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