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8 Awesome Beauty Gifts For Valentine’s (Or Galentine’s!) Day

8 Awesome Beauty Gifts For Valentine’s (Or Galentine’s!) Day

Because even if you hate the season of hearts and flowers, it’s always nice to treat your most-loved people to the gift of awesome skin.

Valentine’s Day is one of those times of the year – you either love it (no pun intended) or you simply could not care less. Then there’s Galentine’s Day which, thanks to ‘Parks & Recreation’ became a thing way back in 2010. And we kid you not, it really was that long ago.

Now, the haters are always gonna hate, but no matter how you feel about the season of love, showing your favorite people how much you care about them is always a good idea. So whether you want to honor your high school bestie, offer thanks to an awesome new ‘mom’ friend or celebrate your partner with treats you know they’ll adore, skincare is the perfect gift. PS: Yes, we’re biased. And no, we don’t care.

For Anyone Who Loves To Be Influenced

Packed with her favorite TruSkin products, the Exclusive Kylie Bundle by Kylie Cantrall is the bomb for all-round glowing skin. Containing Soothing Cleansing Milk for the gentlest facial clean-up, Rose Water Refreshing Facial Toner for an instant spritz of nourishing goodness, the classic Vitamin C Facial Serum for gorgeously glowing skin AND a cute message from Kylie herself (because why not?), it won’t fail to light up someone’s day. And their skin for that matter!

For The Die-Hard Skincare Fan

Anyone who knows anything about skincare knows that a great complexion isn’t only about cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin from the evil ways of the sun. Sure, these beauty habits are super important, but what goes in your body is just as vital as what you put on your skin. Know someone that is really into their skincare routine and likes to ensure they’re doing everything they can to maximize their best skin? Then they will love our new Collagen Boosting Skin Supplement. Chock full of clinically-proven ingredients to help promote natural collagen production – which is literally everything for healthy skin – you might want to think about adding two to cart. One for them… one for you.

For Those Who Needs A Skincare Shake-Up

Do you have that one person in your life who needs to switch things up in their skincare routine? Ha, don’t we all. And our Daily Essentials Trio is just the ticket. For starters it comes with our best-selling, award-winning Vitamin C Facial Serum which is a fan favorite for many good reasons. You can read all about it here but let’s just say once tried, it’s a keeper. Together with Peptide Eye Gel and Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer this three-piece gem promises to fine-tune any skin type with zero hassle.

For Guys & Girls Who Love To Glow

Face scrubs are fine, but for truly radiant skin that almost glows from within, a more non-abrasive approach is what most derms and skin experts recommend. Chemical exfoliation can come in many guises – from professional chemical peels to at-home face masks – but our favorites are leave-on treatments. How so? Because you smooth them on after cleansing and then let them do the hard work for you. And we’re nothing, if not all for an easy life!

Fancy spreading this important message to your nearest and dearest? Then furnish them with our incredible 6% AHA, BHA + PHA Liquid Exfoliant which works deeper and harder than any face scrub, without leaving the skin painful and irritated. Which is no joke if you know how that feels.

For The Person Who Loves A Set

We recently launched an entire new range of healthy aging products called Longevity and, together, they make for a pretty awesome gift set – even if we do say so ourselves. Skin aging can be an annoying thing to deal with but it happens to everyone, so we figured, why not embrace it with a complete skincare range to help you age gracefully and beautifully?

The Longevity collection includes a Rejuvenating Serum, Depuffing Eye Cream and Renewing Moisturizing Cream and each fabulous product contains bakuchiol, nature’s incredible alternative to retinol. You’ll also find other skincare greats such as hyaluronic acid, snow algae and lingonberry stem cells in there to complete the healthy aging regime. Gift them all. Then wait for the thanks to come back in droves.

For Your Favorite Gym Bunny

Some people love to spend hours on their skin, while others have no time for that and prefer convenient, effective products that help keep their skin healthy with no effort involved. Know that person? Good, because they will adore our Ocean Minerals Super Toner. Turbo-charged with glycolic acid, peptides, vitamin C and one of our favorite lesser-known ingredients, MSM, this toning spritz is the perfect wake-up call for tired, sad skin. It’s a beauty for revving up the skin after working out. Or as a post-cleanse treatment. Actually it’s great any time.

For The One Who Lives For Bedtime

Show us an adult who doesn’t love their bed and we’ll give up coffee forever. Actually we won’t but still, bedtime is the best time, right? And anyone who loves their bed is probably equally as enamoured with their kick-ass, night-time skincare ritual. Well, have we got the perfect treat for them. It comes in the shape of Vitamin C Deep Hydration Night Cream and it’s the ideal way to restore, rejuvenate, nourish and moisturize the skin overnight. An extra punch of vitamin C also ensures the skin wakes up revived, bright and fresher than ever.  

For The Health Enthusiast

An all-in one super serum that floods the skin with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and more? No, this is not a drill – our Multi-Vitamin Facial Serum is all that and more. But wait, you understand the benefits of vitamins and minerals, but electrolytes? What do they do to the skin that’s so special? One word: hydration. And lots of it. And we call that the best gift for radiant, healthy skin. 

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